Peter married his wife in 1958 and wedded her on 24th June, 1962. His widow likes to tell the story of their first meeting and eventual wedding.

Peter was then a teacher at St. John’s Primary School, Agbani. It happened that his would be wife, Miss Margaret Nebechi Okonkwo, then in Standard 3, was attending a meeting of the Mary League at St. John’s Church at Agbani where they were addressed by the priest. It was while she played “oga” with her friend Florence Nwafor Agu (later married at Agbogbugu) that Peter appeared and asked which town she came from. The next time she saw him was at St. Paul’s, Ozalla where Margaret had gone for confession. He approached her again, this time enquiring who her parents were.

Thereafter he sent his senior relative, Chief Nweke Odionu to discreetly locate her place at Umuaniegu. Later, he asked for her hand in marriage and she consented.

Traditional negotiations followed quickly. But it was a betrothal, or “ikuwa nwaanyi” as she was still so young, aged 11 years, having been born in 1947. She returned to her parent’s place from where she continued her schooling, visiting his place only on holidays. On 24th of June, 1962 they were wedded in the Catholic Church.

Their first child, Angela was born the next year on 1st of April 1963, a few months before he left for the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. While he was still an undergraduate, they had their second child, Ben, on 3rd March,1965,