Peter’s enduring legacy was in inspiring the children and youth in his community to aspire to the highest level of educational attainment. He established a lesson centre at home where he tutored Umuoha boys in primary school in the afternoon and night. Amongst the beneficiaries were the likes of Mathias Onovo, the late Dennis Okonkwo, Christopher Ogbuebor, James Nweke and Francis Ujam. During his years as a teacher, he helped convince many of his relatives and friends to attend school, supporting them with money, books, and other materials. He took several of them along to live with his family at his teaching posts. Peter also had big dreams for the education of his children, relatives and friends.

In fact, as his bosom friend Mathias Onovo and nephew Bernard Ugwu recall, he made personal commitments to some relatives and friends to sponsor their education to the highest possible level. Peter was also a rare supporter of the education of women, which at that time was not encouraged in his environment. After meeting his future wife, he was careful not to disrupt her primary school education, and had bigger plans for her higher education that were disrupted first by war, and then his death. In his diaries, he made clear his dream that all his children will be well educated, including his two daughters. Angela had vivid memories of his dad. Ben’s only recollection of him was of being a great disciplinarian who would never spare the rod when necessary. His most important formative experience, he recalls, was the attention he received during kindergarten when dad, while still in the wheelchair, supervised his homework. A wrong answer on any item of the homework instantly drew a lash from dad, and this was repeated as many times as needed until he finally worked out the answer himself. Even during the final months of his life, when dad could no longer use his limbs, he was still able to discipline his children by proxy, asking others to help him dispense the necessary punishment.

Many of Peter’s friends and associates helped to honor his wishes for his children to be well educated. Some of them taught his children, including Donatus Udeigwe at St. Paul’s Primary School. Chief John Igwesi, in particular, kept a close watch on Ben, who along with Angela visited him during every school vacation. As he had done for Peter, Chief Igwesi was also instrumental to Ben being able to attend university. While Ben despaired of his future after high school in 1980, worried that he could never afford the cost of university education, it was Chief Igwesi who urged him to enroll for the JAMB university entrance exams, and provided him with the ten naira needed to purchase the forms. “The only task before you, young man, is to pass your exams; leave others to worry about the cost”, Chief Igwesi told 14 year old Ben. Yet, immediately after high school, Ben, who had already cleared the GCE exams began looking for a clerical job. It was then that fate brought him into the office of Mr. Ugwu Nwafor Ujam, then the Head of the Anambra State Civil Service. Upon learning that Ben was Peter’s son, Mr. Ujam, became very agitated and rebuked his mother for attempting to derail his education. Mr. Ujam told her “Over my dead body would I allow Peter’s son to become a clerk”. A few months later, Ben left to study medicine at the University of Lagos, with financial assistance from paternal and maternal relations and family friends. Having read his father’s diary, Ben knew of his father’s aspiration of academic excellence for his children and took up the mantle to help fulfill them. Today, all of Peter’s five children have received postgraduate degrees. And though Peter could not live to utilize the Russian scholarship to study medicine, his first son Ben took the baton, and has become a successful academic surgeon, a professor of paediatric surgery, and known worldwide as a leading surgical educator.

The intellectual tradition pursued against all odds by Peter Nwomeh’s children has in turn motivated youngsters of their generation to appreciate and value education. Not a few of them have admitted deriving the inspiration to higher educational pursuits from the Nwomeh children.

They have also in different ways continued to encourage and support the education of folks and the less privileged. Also, Peter’s children inherited from dad the love of Ozara and Nkanu and the pride of their roots. And like him, they have fully embraced the passion for community development. With the help and support of family and friends, his children have established The Peter Nwomeh Foundation as a platform to help sustain, promote and advance his legacies, to help provide the opportunity for education and scholarship to children in Ozara, Nkanu and beyond.