Peter Aninnaji Nwomeh was born into the family of Chukwu Igwe Nwannaji of Umunnajinwude clan, Umuoha, Umuokorouba Ozara, and Udeji Aninnaji Ogbodo of Umuiba, Obuofia-Awkunanaw. The patriarch of the clan was Nnaji Nwude, who sired four sons, namely Igwe Nwannaji, Ani Nwannaji, Ude Nwannaji and Ujam Nwude (nke-nta). Igwe Nwannaji in turn sired four sons; Chukwu Igwe, Nwani Igwe, Ekenta Igwe and Owoachime.

Chukwu Igwe was a great farmer. Farming was in fact a great passion for him. One anecdote had it that he once pleaded with colonial law enforcers that came to arrest him to wait for some time while he finished the ridges he was making before being taken away.

He was a contemporary of the first Warrant Chief of Ozalla and Paramount Chief of Nkanu, Chief Chukwuani Nwangwu, who at a stage decreed that whatever portion of the yet-to-be-shared communal lands in the northeastern boundary with Obuofia-Akegbe which any man of Umuokorouba was able to till henceforth became his own. A struggle ensued as men of ability competed to increase their landholding. Chukwu Igwe was a man of immense physical strength and stamina.

He would labour in the farms every workday from cock crow until dusk. That was how he came to acquire vast farmlands especially at Egu Azu-agbo/Ogbe lowlands and became one of the greatest land owners of his time. In time, he earned a praise name that eclipsed and in fact eventually replaced his given name. As the story goes, during a period of hardship, Chukwu Igwe organized a feast for the entire Okorouba where he entertained them so lavishly from the large stacks of yam and other food reserves in his barn that he was immediately nicknamed Nwa-Omenuko-eku, or Nwome for short.

Nwome was a husband to many women. His surviving sons were the half-brothers, Onono, Aninnaji (later baptized Peter) and Onyebuchi (who got missing in the civil war). Amongst his daughters were Nweke Ude (Snr) of Umungwu, Nwafonta Nwome of Umuagu, Mgbafo Nwome (mother of Nweke Obute of Umukwu), Nworie Ude of Umuoha-anee, Nwekenta Nwome of Umuenenta-Obe and Mgbeke Nwome of Obunegu. Peter was the only surviving son of Udeji. His other siblings were his beloved sister Nwanneche of Enugwu-egu, and half-sister, Nweke of Umaa (Amechi-Awkunanaw).